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Europe Startup Nations Alliance (ESNA)
26 Feb 2024
Hora de inicio: 17:20
Hora de finalización: 17:50

Unveiling the 2023 Startup Nations Standard Report

Temática: Soluciones empresariales, Consultoría, E-commerce
The Startup Nations Standards (SNS) Report 2023 marks a significant milestone in Europe's journey towards creating a more startup-friendly ecosystem at scale. This premiere presentation of the SNS Report offers an overview of the continent's collective efforts and achievements in implementing the eight crucial Startup Nations Standards, alongside a candid look at the challenges ahead. Based on insights from European countries, unique perspectives on the current landscape and insights into forging a path towards a dynamic and inclusive European startup ecosystem will be presented.


Linda Capusa
Member of the Board of Directors, ESNA - Europe Startup Nations Alliance
Linda Capusa’s career spans a range of industries underscoring her expertise in driving operational excellence and fostering startup ecosystems.