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Agile Content
26 Feb 2024
Start time: 14:00

How telcos can benefit from TV services

Theme: Experiencia de usuario
Nowadays the trend for telcos to become multi-service providers by adding additional services like electricity or insurance, confirms even more the opportunity to bundle their broadband offering with TV and entertainment services. The BB + TV bundle is recognised as a natural combination where the result tends to be bigger than the sum of its individual parts. It fits perfectly in many telco's strategy to be more and more relevant in the daily lives of households. To jumpstart and be successful, Agile Content presents its telco friendly TV partnership model to allow telcos focussing on rolling out their strategy while partnering with experts in running TV operations.
Agile Content


Caspar Luyten
Chief Customer Success Officer
Expert in International Business Development, Customer Experience, and Digital transformation with expertise in telco and strategy consulting industry