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27 Feb 2024
Start time: 13:30

Is biometrics the future of e-democracy

Theme: Servicios de software, Inteligencia artificial, App/ Servicios móviles, Software para dispositivos móviles, Experiencia de usuario, Ciberseguridad
We unveil a global success story that has set a milestone in the advancement of democracy and citizen participation through remote voting with online identity verification technologies. With just an ID document and facial biometrics, thousands of citizens have been able to exercise their right to vote digitally and with legal coverage. This remote voting system, seamlessly integrated into the electoral framework, responds to technological evolution, strengthens participatory commitment, and sets the trend towards the future of democracy. Discover which country we're talking about and join us on a journey through e-democracy via an innovative project and inclusive electoral participation.
Rafael Campillo
Chief Marketing Executive
Computer engineer turned marketer. From IBM to launching a startup. Currently leading the advancement of digital identity alongside Mobbeel.