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Wireless DNA
28 Feb 2024
Start time: 10:45

Measuring network disorder: the first step to solve and prevent problems

Theme: Big data / analítica, Servicios de software, Inteligencia artificial, Consultoría, Internet de las Cosas, Experiencia de usuario, 5G/6G, Integración de sistemas
Any company, despite of its size or the sector in which it operates, needs its network infrastructure works properly to ensure that all business processes run smoothly. Achieving optimal network performance and identifying potential deficiencies or errors early, so that the quality of service to end users is not affected, is a priority objective for network administrators. Today's IT environments are growing in size and complexity, so managing and monitoring multi-vendor, multi-technology networks can present significant challenges for companies. Having a monitoring and auditing technology solution able to perform real-time, detailed end-to-end (E2E) network analysis and providing customised information that correlates different variables can be a critical success factor and make a difference in terms of economic impact. Wireless DNA takes a step further through its entropy SMART SW platform by incorporating the control of the underlying network engineering into the processes described.
Grupo WDNA (Wireless DNA)


Ángela Sabio Almeda
Directora de Ingeniería Telecom
Ingeniera de Telecomunicaciones con 15 años de trayectoria nacional e internacional en proyectos de planificación, diseño y optimización de redes.