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26 Feb 2024
Start time: 18:15

Monitoring 5G Landscape in Europe: 5G QoE Benchmark Report

Theme: Experiencia de usuario
This 5G benchmarking initiative is aimed at providing the most comprehensive, independent, and customer-focused benchmark of 5G Quality of Experience (QoE) in Europe. Our dedication extends beyond merely measuring and analyzing data. At MedUX, the leading Internet QoE testing and monitoring company, we are committed to reshaping how the industry perceives 5G connectivity. This comparative analysis, encompassing more than 20 operators across 10 European cities, offers unique pan-European insights. It is part of MedUX's ongoing commitment to driving the development of quality and service performance in telecommunications networks worldwide.
MedUX (Case On It)
Rafael González
Rafael is in charge of Product Marketing and Strategy at MedUX. Over 15 years international experience advising in TMT sector.