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Kenmei Technologies
28 Feb 2024
Start time: 13:30
Hora de finalización: 13:45

Orchestrating Network Data for AI-based Automation

Theme: Big data / analítica, Inteligencia artificial, 5G/6G
Mobile Operators are facing lots of problems when trying to manage their networks, The increase of complexity due to the number of supported technologies, vendors, and other data sources, is becoming a great challenge for Telco companies. The ability to orchestrate all this information and create specific models that allow implementing algorithms based on AI/ML are key to responding to the problems that arise on a daily basis. Kenmei provides a solution capable of orchestrating this volume of data by creating AI-based models and algorithms by reducing the Operational and Capital expenses.
Kenmei Technnologies
Vicente Ramón Soler Ruiz
Vicent Soler is a co-founder & CEO of Kenmei Technologies. He has strong international technical background in mobile communications.