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Cronos Group
27 Feb 2024
Start time: 14:45

Net2Chain: Revolutionizing Telecommunications with Blockchain Technology, a Game-Changer in Authenticity and Trust

Theme: Ciberseguridad
Welcome to the future of telecommunications with Net2Chain, a groundbreaking solution dedicated to reshaping the experience and trust global operators, resellers, and enterprises have in telecommunication services. In an industry plagued by routing fraud and quality inconsistencies, operators and resellers often struggle to assure clients that their services are delivered as promised. Net2Chain emerges as the beacon of reliability, addressing these challenges with Blockchain technology to certify every live voice call and SMS, providing a unique opportunity for operators to differentiate themselves in the market.


Diana Daniels
Chief Executive Officer @ Cronos Group, Founder, Board Member , Telecom, Financial and Labor Inclusion